ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd GoFundMe

ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd GoFundMe

On the 1st April ActsIntuitively Australia Ltd launched a GoFundMe page target at raising funds for their Non For Profit Charity, please see their post below and a link to their GoFundMe donation page:

ActsIntuitively Australia Limited is a non for profit charity (DGR / Tax Deductible Status pending) based in the South West of Western Australia launched to help deliver community and mental health oriented services lacking in the region.

With the pandemic COVID-19 sweeping the nation, we are now seeing dramatic increase in extreme anxiety and mental health issues of many Australians. This has become more complex with the increasing restrictions and social isolation laws. Men are a particularly vulnerable group, especially with the already existing lack of services available. Men in rural and regional areas are at higher risk for mental health concerns as they live in isolated areas and have lack accessibility to services available and it is now evident that they need our support. Help us to save lives by offering mental health support, so we can start creating a real difference.

ABS 2011 statistics identified that people in a rural and remote area are three times more likely to have thoughts of suicide and are not able to seek assistance. It was reported in ABS statistics that 76% of suicide deaths were men. Currently men are at a greater risk of suicide and 72% of men with mental disorders are less likely to ask for help. There has been a long-standing stereotype for how men should approach their mental health about "bottling up" and discourages them from "opening up" more and get help. According to the latest Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, boys (age 4-17) are more likely than girls to have experienced mental disorders in the past 12 months. For children aged 4-11 (16.5% of boys and 10.6% of girls) the gap is wider than for children age 12-17 (15.9% of boys and 12.8% of girls). Our organisation will offer transparency as a core principle to all stakeholders and will use key indicators to constantly improve each package design with good outcomes for the client as a core principle.

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