ActsIntuitively Counselling Book Release!

ActsIntuitively Counselling Book Release!

It’s finally here!!! Our exciting new approach to counselling has improved time to recovery and we are here to share this process with you. It's our much anticipated first counselling book release soon to be followed by a series of others. It is the result of many years of research, collaboration and the outcomes have been awesome...ActsIntuitively presents An Antidote To Workplace Bullying!


It is obvious in the news and current events that bullying and harassment is running rampant, especially in the workplace. This could be you, a friend, the weird neighbour down the street, but the point behind this is that you are not alone. This book was inspired by the personal experiences of the authors who have collaborated on this project and we can verify the impressive outcomes from this process. To make the counselling approach more relatable, we have provided a story for context that is based on real people and circumstances that have been modified to protect the privacy of individuals and organisations involved.

Our process aims to guide you through how to cope with workplace bullying, to allow you to achieving outcomes that doesn’t cost you your mental health. Much has been written previously on this issue but we want to provide a simple, effective approach to coping that will work for everyone and get you back on track to living your life.

Our book is now available through our online shop and Google Play / Books and our newly launched online shop [1]. To celebrate the launch of our book, the endorphins are running wild and because we adore helping people, it will be offered at a promotional price for the remainder of the month, until the 28th February, so spread the word!

If you are unsure about what version you require then please see this article for assistance:

If, however, you feel you need more support and want a more personalised experience, please contact us any time for counselling session. please feel free to visit our main website or contact us. Thank you for your time, for reading our blog post and feel free to leave a comment.

Kylie Webster
Communications & Marketing Manager

Bunbury, WA

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  1. Our book aims to provide you with methods of coping that are based on better recovery rates. These methods are proprietary meaning and have been developed by ActsIntuitively and its employees which has brought the attention of international clients, universities, as well as a diverse client base. We offer this book for purchase to assist people in developing effective coping strategies and recovery and in order to do so, we require our intellectual property to be maintained. As we have developed these strategies ourselves we require that you do not use what you learn for commercial gain without obtaining written consent from ActsIntuitively.
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